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You Lead your business’ marketing efforts; We Support you with a CMO Coach and a Marketing Manager. Your CMO Coach will walk you through effective leadership and strategic marketing items while your MM helps you organize and  execute.

The alternative to hiring an  internal marketing team



Hiring an internal marketing team is expensive. 

Atlas Rose provides strategy and the marketing team to get your strategy implemented! No need to rely on low-level marketing professionals. We'll keep you brand on track every step of the way and, more importantly, get the results you're looking for.

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What Our Partners Are Saying...

"We needed a plan.
Atlas Rose delivered."

"I was so enamored with the power of the C12 Group's message that I was blinded to the importance of a targeted, strategic branding mindset. Atlas Rose has empowered me with both the professional guidance and the practical tools to create focus and energy for C12 Music City."

Dewey Green


"My AR team overcame obstacles."

The financial services industry is highly regulated, which makes marketing a challenge. With the help of Atlas Rose, we have been able to clearly identify our target market and establish a cohesive marketing strategy to reach our audience

Kathy Gustafson


"They took ownership from day one."

We all know that growth is usually outside our comfort zone, and change for some of us can seem overwhelming and frightening.  The Atlas Rose team took the lead and helped us to define our value proposition and exactly the target market we are trying to reach. Truth be told, we couldn't have done it without them.

Stephen O'Neil

North Georgia Wealth Advisors


When Growth is Your Goal in 2021

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